thursday without hangover.

Yeah, it feels nice to actually have a Thursday without hangover. We usually go out to have a beer on Wednesdays, but yesterday we stayed home and wallowed in tacos. Me like tacos! …

And it seems like ‘ve got a touch of insomnia. Can’t fall asleep before 03.00 on workdays. Wicked indeed and annoying as hell.

And finally another edited bush speech, don’t take this to serious though, see it as humor and irony.


baaah, why oh why did i have to drink yesterday. It all started out with just "one beer" and escalated into seven or eight.

Woke up this morning and realized that i was about to die, haul myself into the bathroom and took a shower. Didn’t help to much. Next mission in my misery was to take the tram to work… Didn’t work out at all … Jikes I’ve never felt so bad in my entire life. The tram trembled like a bitch-ass and i with it…

Oh well, i guess there is only one person to blame … Jezper.