Amazing tsunami footage.

Various photos showing Kalutra beach in Sri Lanka before and after the tsunami struck, this really gives you an idea of the devastation that it caused.

Please do not deeplink (direct link) to those images, i do not have enough bandwidth to host them for that. Thanks.

Kalutra beach in Sri Lanka, before and after. Click on images to enlarge.

A Terabyte of space for your email

In the footsteps of Googles G-Mail with 1gb space comes the California-based iTrade Group with a free email account that allows you to store up to one Terabyte (TByte, 1000 GB) of space.

1 TB with space allows you to store over 40 million emails, impressive indeed and it seems like iTrade allows you to store files on it as well, Jim Weiss, CEO of the iTrade Group says; “We would like to provide people with an environment to store their data and don’t have to be afraid to lose anything ever again”

I find it hard to believe that you’ll actually get 1TB of space, especially since the email is only available though a website called Hellacious Riders… Sounds like a promotional scam, but hey – try it.

Google Suggest

The innovations at google never stops. As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. I sure hope this becomes standard in Firefox, on the other hand, someone probably wrote a extention to support it already … 😉

Check it out,

Posted December 13, 2004 @ 10:21
Check out GSuggest at,

Open-source communities rocks … 🙂

Thunderbird has landed.

ThunderbirdI’m a hardcore Eudora user, I’ve been trough numerous of shit storms from Outlook-users, but I’ve stand my ground without moving a inch, because Eudora is the shit when it comes to Mail-handling, up until now.

I was recommended by a friend (pari) to check out Thunderbird, the open-source alternative from the Mozilla Software Foundations. I’ve recently switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox, and judging by that experience i decided to give Tbird a try. And i can only say; switch now, switch this instant second, because Thunderbird is what mail is all about … 🙂

Say hello to …

Our new little dog.My family’s new little dog, yet to be named. Currently is Laika and Nova the most popular names, but that’ll probably change if i know my family correctly.

The little monster is eight and a halft week mixture between a German Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever.

My naming suggestions was “killer” and “mean-machine”, sadly those were rejected … i can’t really say why … 🙂

So, help us out here, what do you think she looks like, a “Laika” or a “Nova“?