Cordless Skype™

Cordless phoneWith the recent deployment of the Olympia Cordless DUALphone comes something that probably will revolutionize the phone industry, Cordless Skype. The phone can be hooked up to your computer as well as your usual phone-line, which gives this little beast a interesting dual purpose. You can move up to 300m away from your PC and make Skype™ and SkypeOut calls

The phone cost about 140 Euro at the moment, but will probably drop some in a recent feature. This is absolutely a reason to reconsider a Skype-account.

Go Olympia!


I’m a piratecopy!

Yeah well, at least in Swedish. I found this cool little t-shirt today on a minor shopping-spree. The text is in Swedish and it states “PIRATECOPY” … 🙂

Macintosh 1984 – Insanely great

“You’ve just seen some pictures of Macintosh, now I’d like to show you Macintosh in person”.

Steve Jobs kicks of a era of computing in January 1984 and show off some mindblowing (hey, it’s 1984) graphics on a Macintosh. Brings back good ol’ memories when i was borrowing my mothers Mac and the endless hours of fun with Warlords … 🙂

Enough nostalgia and enjoy this movie-clip from 1984 when Macintosh was introduced.


Orphans because of American troops

Chris Hondros, a war photographer, was traveling with an American patrol on a routine mission in Tal Afar, a village in the northern parts of Irak when a car approached their outpost in high speed, due to all recent suicide-car bombing fired the American troops volley of rifle fire as a warning, when the car didn’t stop the troops open fire.

When approaching the demolished car the troops heard children crying, and in the back they found 6 kids which survived the attack. Both parent, which was in the front-seat, was dead.

Chris took those chocking images of what happened.

This is something that you probably wont see on CNN tonight.

Source and more images of the incident:

Microsoft’s AntiSpyware Tool Removes IE

spydudeYou can’t blame Microsoft for making bad applications when their new “AntiSpyware”-Tool intentionally removed Internet Explorer. The application, which currently are in BETA stage, detected Internet Explorer as spyware, and removed the program from their systems.

Microsoft quickly pulled back the Beta version and it has now been replaced with a bit more tame version. Elias Weatherbee, a Microsoft representative, proclaimed that “It shows how powerful our AntiSpyware program is,” personally i think it said more about Internet Explorer then the power of the AntiSpyware-tool.

Related link:

First ski-trip accomplished

The first ski-trip of this year has been accomplished. Me, Jezper, Nisse and Tobbe went to högfjället in the middle parts of Sweden for some casual drinking, but most importantly – skiing and snowboarding.

I’ve added some images from the trip, they’re taken with my cellphone-camera, so don’t expect any quality … 🙂

Team America: Fuck Yeah!

team america posterNothing is to taboo for Tray Parker and Matt Stone. How many other Hollywood-produced movies features dolls getting down like Ron Jeremy during his most glorious days, 5 minute puke-scene or having a theme song named, “America, Fuck Yeah”, with memorable lyrics like,

Rock and roll, FUCK YEAH!
The Internet, FUCK YEAH!
Slavery, FUCK YEAH!


Trey Parker is a musical genius and with backup from Harry Gregson Williams can nothing go wrong.

Parker and Stone have really accomplished making a very smart film. They’ve created a spoof with several different satirical levels attacking action film stereotypes, world policy, the UN, Michael Moore, terrorists, American abuses of power, American influence on world peace, dictators, Hollywood actors, etc. etc. etc.

Simply a must see!

Killerwhale jumps a kayaker

What could have been one of the most impressive natural footages of recent time is not really that amazing nor real. The “Killerwhale jumps a kayaker“-movie that is floating around the internet is nothing more than a cut down version of an extremely clever and well-done commercial for “Powerade

It’s from the same people who did the “Guy surfing on a tsunami“-commercial, which, due to logical reasons, are withdrawn now.

Anyways, here is the movie for those how’s interested.