World of warcraft

So, it was impossible not to play this game. I was included in the open US beta and tried to avoid the game as long as possible, but simply put; it’s a drug … 🙂

Here are some initial screenshots of my character, Teli a level 8 rogue. Story will come.

Apartment taking shape

After a weekend for intense moving and hours of hand to hand combat at IKEA is finally the apartment taking shape. So far I’ve spent about 6500SEK on furniture and it’ll probably end on a lot more. I guess i have to see this as investments … 🙂

Picture 1:
This is my “sleep-corner”, here is basically just my bed.

Picture 2:
This is the “tv-corner”, got a nice little sofa, glass-table and a [small] tv – I’ll probably get a larger one as soon as i get my economy back on it’s feet. I bought myself a home theater system, but it was DOA (dead on arrival), so I’ll be getting a new one by the end of this week.

Picture 3:
“Computer-corner”, my computer and other important stuff. That chair is most temporary.

Picture 4:
“Crap-corner”, I’ll get myself a shelf and an aquarium here later on but for now it’s my crap-corner … 😉

Tommie, the flat-owner!

I still don’t think I’ve totally understand it yet, but I’m actually owner of my first 100% own flat. The deal was finished today and I’m now a happy owner of a 40 square-meter flat.

It’s a one room-flat and it’s got a large kitchen with hundred million cabins (feels like it at least), a large room and a fairly large toilet. I’m so happy that i managed to out-conquer the guy who was bidding against me. And best of all, it didn’t go up that high up in price actually.

I’ve lived separated from my parents for more than 5 years now, but this is my first *real* apartment, an apartment which is mine, and only mine.

This feeling is amazing, i which i could feel like this forever … 🙂

Pictures from the apartment;