Google goes IM

googleNot a big shocker here, rather a question of time. Google has announced Google Talk, their instant messenger application which features voip functionality. Google Talk is said to be based on the free Im-protocol called Jabber, which makes it really interesting since its a open protocol and should be rather easy to interface from other applications. The VOIP functions are custom though.


OSX running on a normal PC

osxIt was a matter of time, and now it’s done.

Justin Nolan of, has found a way to natively install osx tiger onto a regular PC. This is something i definitely will try when i get to work on Monday, got some computers standing in a corner, might as well use them as tigers … 😉


Nintendo WIFI commercial!

Indeed a good commercial, make you think about butterfly effect.

“The spot opens on a very dramatic situation that you just wouldn’t expect to be related to videogames or Nintendo. The spot clearly demonstrates Wi-Fi as it relates to the Nintendo brand with a nod to Mario Kart DS and it does this in a magical, clearly ‘ownable’ by Nintendo kind of way.”…/Bhuvan_Ganguly_wmvlow.wmv