It started out with a co-operated gadgetblog between me and Jezper. And it ended with 5 published items and realization of the dullness of re-write already published content. It’s more or less impossible to compete with the bigboys of gadgetblogging, so what do you do? Yepp, if you can’t beat em – join em.

Gearpilot is now a syndicated rss aggregator which tracks all changes on the nets gadgetblogs. Using top-of-the-line technology (by me! 🙂 ) its now possible for you to stay up to date with the, way to fast moving, gadget community.

100 Mbit baby!

So, now i’m cruising the Internet on 100mbit, on my home-connection … do i really need this big pipe? Oh well, at least those linux distros will take about 5 minutes to download now … 🙂

My current speed-record is 83.58 Mbit/s, which i’m pretty sure i could beat if i just got some better network-gear and a proper router.