Apple banged on the big drum, but not much came out.

iphone1The classic pitfall of screaming to loud and delivering to little is something one would believe that Apple knew by heart. Well, apparently not with the ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll’-event on Wednesday.

While the rumor mill had gone crazy over the last months (like it always does), the expectations where at a all time high and even though Apple introduced a video camera to the iPod Nano, new iPhone os 3.1, new hardware platform for the touch and minor software-changes, I think we all felt a little disappointed and maybe even cheated.

The event itself was very centralized around the Apple Ipod Touch product-line and specifically using the Touch as a gaming platform and demoed Madden NFL 10, Nova, Assassin’s Creed, Riddim Ribbon. Where Riddim Ribbon looked particularly exciting.

Steve Jobs seems to be back in full force and did a much appreciated appearance on the stages which received standing ovations. Hopefully he’ll be a breath of fresh air for Apple as they really need to “wow” a bit more than the ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll’-event to stay on the cutting edge.

How many users does Twitter have, really?

twitterThrough a pet-project of mine ( i accidentally stumble upon some interesting Twitter stats.

As it’s possible to extract your userid from the twitter-api, giving you a somewhat unique way to check how many users there are on Twitter. Given that they use a sequential userid-system, which many indications point toward.

So, how many does users twitter have?
Using the data from the API i found out the following statistics.

And if this data is sequential, we’re looking at roughly 70 000 000 users worldwide and its approx 100 times bigger 2009 than 2007 with a 10000% user-increase.

This also means that Twitter would have needed to scale their systems with over 10 000%, something we inevitably know that they failed with, which actually gives those numbers some substance.