prime time warfare

War has become prime time entertainment, live feeds with bombing of cities and people in agony. Get a close up on a house exploding or a footage of a person dying and you’ve made yourself a minor fortune.

TV/News stations are in constant struggle of get out the most exclusive news first. The actual news item is more important then the reliability of the source. It’s indeed a bizarre world.

war tonight.

USA just demanded that UN and all it’s inspectors should leave Iraq within 24 hours.

It’s going to be a long night for the innocent Iraqi people.

Support our workers

It’s remarkable what you can receive via mail these days …

Dear Webmaster,

My name is Steve Warren, and I am the president of an internet development and marketing company. Due to the state of the economy, several of our long term contracts have defaulted and I need to rapidly generate some funds to pay my developers or lose them. If you have any web design, Flash development, PHP, CGI or database development, C, C++, JAVA, ASP work you need done; please give us the opportunity to quote you. We can program for any windows or linux environment. I will bill you just $25 per hour to offset my employee payroll.

We have the following scripts already developed and ready to install:

*Access Counters
*Banner Ad Rotation System
*Auction Scripts
*bulletin board system
*realtime chat
*live helper support system
*support ticket system
*multi-level affiliate marketing system
*Shopping cart system
*classified ads
*personals/dating system
*survey and voting
*form/order processing
*adult websites (turnkey)
*membership rebilling for websites
*realtime credit card processing

… Plus too much more to list

Thank You for your consideration

Steve Warren
(Leave a message with a brief description of your needs so I can have the correct person return your call)

I’m sick

Yeah, and i hate every second of it. Started out last Friday. Attended to a friends "moving in party", had a couple of beers and realized that i was feeling really bad. Ok, feeling bad and drinking beers are usually in symbiosis , but is felt sick this time. Stopped drinking beer and went home.

Woke up on Saturday and felt even more bad. Got a minor fever and a soar throat. Nothing to worry about so i tagged along Airbase, Sabine and Inzite to Vxjö for a live performance at a club called "Club Puls". Ended up sleeping in one for the arrangers rooms with high fever. Managed to go to the show and stayed until 03.00 when we went back to Borås and sleep for a couple of hours.

Sunday was pure pain, even higher fever, soar throat and cold sweat. Juck, stayed home from work today …

And my beloved girlfriend Sabine managed to spill a glass of water over my keyboard, so I’m typing on a old ass one. This message took me like 10 minutes to complete … Oh well, shit happens …

Will probably stay home tomorrow as well… I just hate being sick.


Yeah, allot of people ask me what CellShout is all about. Well, to put it simple, it relays messages from my cell phone into that box.

How does it work? Basically it’s quite easy, i send a email via sms from my cell phone to a special email address, that address is monitored by a script which validates the email (check so it arrives from my cell phone, the password and finally check which server it came from). If it’s validated, it publish the message.

So shy in earth did i bother to do all this, well, first of all, I’m a computer-nerd and I love challenges and to get an idea and later try to implement it. Guess it’s a passion.

Anyhow, a Public CellShout might be implemented so all you people can send me messages.