Yeah, allot of people ask me what CellShout is all about. Well, to put it simple, it relays messages from my cell phone into that box.

How does it work? Basically it’s quite easy, i send a email via sms from my cell phone to a special email address, that address is monitored by a script which validates the email (check so it arrives from my cell phone, the password and finally check which server it came from). If it’s validated, it publish the message.

So shy in earth did i bother to do all this, well, first of all, I’m a computer-nerd and I love challenges and to get an idea and later try to implement it. Guess it’s a passion.

Anyhow, a Public CellShout might be implemented so all you people can send me messages.


  1. moonlight; the script is all to messy at this time, but I’ll consider to clean it up and release it under GPL. Maybe baby …

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