Paris Hilton “hacked”

paris hiltonParis Hilton, heiress to the hilton-hotel owner, got her t-mobile account hacked recently witch exposed private numbers and emails to some of hollywoods finest, or whatever you’d like to call them.

And, in true Paris Style, were some photos from the phone also published … that girl really got to consider using more clothes, oh well.

“It became obvious to her what was going on,” says the source. “She was pretty upset about it. It’s one thing to have people looking at your sex tapes, but having people reading your personal e-mails is a real invasion of privacy.”

Some of the numbers from the phonebook:

Lavigne, Avril 1-613-532-XXXX
Lohan, Lindsay +1-347-596-XXXX
Green, Seth 1-323-573-XXXX
Muska, Chad +1-323-547-XXXX
Vin Diesel 1-310-279-XXXX

IDN spoofing in Firefox

firefox burning?Sadly there seems to be quite a critical bug in the current version of Firefox which allow hackers/scammers to spoof the URL displayed in the address bar and the SSL certificate.

The vulnerability impacts every browser that uses the open-source Gecko browser kernel, almost all except IE, because of a flaw in handling International Domain Names (IDN).

This is very unfortunate for the Mozilla Foundation which recently released Firefox 1.0 alongside with all the browser which uses the Gecko kernel.

The bug was reported Monday 10th of February 2005 and currently none of the vendors have provided fixes for the flaw.

Polo. Small but not so tough

Remember the “Polo, small but tough” commercial posted here a while ago? Well, it seems like Volkswagen went a bit over the top on this issue, or as Paul Buckett, a Volkswagen spokesman, comments,

We were horrified. This is not something we would consider using: it is in incredibly bad taste to depict suicide bombers.

It gives the impression we’ve condoned or supported it, and is potentially very damaging to Volkswagen. Our legal department is planning an action . . .’

First of all, i strongly disbelief that ANYONE would connect the VW brand with suicide bombers and absolutely not get the idea that the WV polo in some way are a preferred brand of a likes. Furthermore there’s been a quite extensive rumor mill regarding the makers of this “ad”, especially since it doesn’t appear to be a spoof put together by amateur filmmakers, as its production values (e.g., shot on 35mm film, probably at a cost in the tens of thousands of dollars).

The truth is that this ad is made by the Lee and Dan team, a British pair who have produced a number of other advertisements (including viral) known for their quirkiness.

So much for that mystery, I must say that’s it’s pretty impressive that Polo didn’t come up with this by them selfs, i mean – i took me less then 5 minutes to acquire the same info on the Internet. Oh well, let them continue fighting their monsters, but in the end – they’re the ones who gained on this.

More details and info on

A bridge too far

World War II’s “Operation Market Garden” would have put the Allies in control of the major road leading into the industrial Ruhr, the war would have ended in a matter of weeks …

Instead, what Market Garden became, through a combination of costly miscalculations, bad weather and tactical errors, were more than 17,000 British, American, Dutch and Polish casualties, nearly twice as many dead as in Normandy earlier the same year.

I liked all the performances, and most of the casting choices were dead on (Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine and Robert Redford to name a few). The airdrop sequence (photographed long before CGI) is an awesome sight. So are the battle scenes. This is a movie that almost out-conquers mammoth movies like Saving Private Ryan and The Band of Brothers series, even though this one is made back in 77. A must see.