World War II’s “Operation Market Garden” would have put the Allies in control of the major road leading into the industrial Ruhr, the war would have ended in a matter of weeks …

Instead, what Market Garden became, through a combination of costly miscalculations, bad weather and tactical errors, were more than 17,000 British, American, Dutch and Polish casualties, nearly twice as many dead as in Normandy earlier the same year.

I liked all the performances, and most of the casting choices were dead on (Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine and Robert Redford to name a few). The airdrop sequence (photographed long before CGI) is an awesome sight. So are the battle scenes. This is a movie that almost out-conquers mammoth movies like Saving Private Ryan and The Band of Brothers series, even though this one is made back in 77. A must see.

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