Probably the most well know track by me. Has been circulating the Internet for a while and it has even been “released” as a promo by a mp3 release group. Hot-pick on Michael Splints web site, on high rotation and appeared in several dj-sets..



  1. hey tommie, I love this song.
    i tried making a remix of the metal gear solid theme a while back, but it turned to nothing.
    im really glad to hear someone has finished one, and that yours is especially pro sounding and really clean producition wise.

    keep up the good work.


  2. Still a great track to listen to!… When can we expect the next Tommie-track? (You have to fill in the gap that Airbase left…… Or convince him to continue with trance music productions)

  3. I like this song VERY VERY much!

    Thank you!

    I’m from Holland, so hunting for cheap music ;). So I’ve also downloaded this song, after I heard it on

  4. Hey, i’m huge Metal Gear Solid fan, and I go to all the time, and I clicked on this – very good, kick ass remix.

  5. Am a trance addict. My friends dont know it. Am black, so they’d not be so comfortable with it. I secretly listen 2 when am alone. This track, fucks me up!!! 4real. This and sandler-chemistry, the 2 tracks r the greatest!!!

  6. Hi everybody!! I just heard this song a couple of minutes ago, and i fell in love with it. After searching for a while i got here, but i’m having some problems with the download link!! Dunno why it isnt working!! Could anyone help me? I’d really appreciate it. Also, if anybody have the song and is willing to share it, my email is: [email protected]

    Thank you!

    Your Costa Rican friend OSKR

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