AppEngine + PHPExciting news out of Google I/O 2013 reveals PHP support on Google AppEngine. As a php and a appengine-nerd, this is great news. And setting up the local development environment on Ubuntu (13.04) was a breeze.

The PHP runtime for AppEngine requires the cgi-version of php 5.4 (and above) and python  2.7 (and above). Most Ubuntu-installations have python installed, but i’ll cover those steps as well, feel free to skip those if they are redundant for you.

Installing Python

sudo apt-get install python

Installing php5-cgi
(this should be safe to install even if you currently have a php-version installed since it’s the cgi version)

sudo apt-get install php5-cgi

Grabbing the AppEngine for PHP SDK


Starting a local AppEngine instance using php5-cgi

./ /path/to/your/app –php_executable_path=/usr/bin/php5-cgi

Your app should now be serving on http://localhost:8080/.

More details can be found in the official documentation:


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