lovely weekend(er)

Another weekend in my life has come to an end, and what a great weekend it was. Started out with a flight up to Stockholm for a dj set together with Jezper (yeah, I’m not playing, just acting as a manager … ). Meet up with the party arranger, which is a good friend of mine. Check in to the hotel and god damn what a hotel it was, Clarion Hotels, shit. Everything was designed, even the light setting in the room was designed. Lovely, guess i have to get used to this kind of treatment from now on …

The performance by Jezper that night was outstanding, flawless mixing with a perfect selection of tunes. Not only because he played my new production … Trust me, it’s a surrealistic feeling to hear your own stuff pounding out of the PA and see people go berserk. Jikes, what a feeling. I also meet a lot of people which i worked with during the Arvika Festival, true honor to meet em all again.

The club closed at 03.00. The party arranger threw me into a cab and off to see Sasha. A bit less people at the party than i expected, still, it was a marvelous night to remember. I mean, seeing one of the worlds best djs, drop on the the worlds best tunes … Sasha – Xpander.

Went back to the hotel at about 6 for some quick sleep, because hotel stay means hotel breakfast! And shit, if the room was good, wait until you see the breakfast. I think I’ve never seen that much food in my entire life. Yummy! Meal and travel back to Gothenburg was next in line for this mini trip to Stockholm.

Came back to Gothenburg around 4. Went home and fell a sleep. Poor little me, to much party and drinkin’ … Sleep for about two hours when a friend woke me up with a phone call.Spent the evening with her, Jezper and Red Dragon. Which was a decent movie, a bit slow but i guess psychological thrillers are supposed to be that way. Do notice that i didn’t consume any alcohol this day, quite impressive, for being me …

We kicked off Sunday with a pizza and taco buffet and haven’t done much since then. Interesting not to be hung over on a Sunday, hum … interesting …

Tommie – Blue Sky

Fall of 2003, this is the first track which made it “big”, rotation, several djs playing it in clubs etc. Track included on trancemaster 4002. Great feeling and very encouraging for me.

currently offline

Daredevil and party.

I saw Daredevil last night, and I have to say that it wasn’t as bad as everyone says. Ok, the story is quite thin, but what did you expect from a Marvel production? The fx was just amazing, almost Matrix-class on some of the fightingscenes.

Ok, it was far from the best picture I’ve seen, but it wasn’t as horrible as everyone says. I’d give it 2.5+ out of 5 … Which is just under "Ok".

I’ve done quite a lot this weekend, started out on Thursday (always does, usually hang out at "Sommar Trädgårn&quot. Had a couple of beers, no biggie, nice evening with friends. On Friday a friend from Uddevalla came down, spend the evening with her and Jezper at a "beer-tent" in city (There is a big carnival in Gothenburg atm).

Saturday was dedicated to a good friend of mine, Nisse, which celebrated his 25th birthday. Soccer, beer, cake, beer and smashing fun in the sun. Went to a place called Sticky Finger later on, decent place, not the best in town though, it’s to hot, to many people and a dj which has a crush on music from the 60s. Not really what i call "a good night out", but i had fun anyway …

Oh, did some graphical updates on, hope someone enjoys it. And while we’re at selfpromotion, why don’t you take a listen to my new production, Blue Sky. Epic trance with a hard beat, drop me a mail if you like it… =)

Sick, again.

I can’t belive this shit, I’m sick again. Had a soar throat last week, skipped one training, felt better and trained on Thursday. And what happened… Yes, soar throat and fever on Friday again.

I, in my eternal wisdom, felt that i was ok enough to party on Saturday… Which resulted in a even worse version of the illness this week.

Damn, i just hate being sick, especially when i don’t have time for it … damn …