I saw Daredevil last night, and I have to say that it wasn’t as bad as everyone says. Ok, the story is quite thin, but what did you expect from a Marvel production? The fx was just amazing, almost Matrix-class on some of the fightingscenes.

Ok, it was far from the best picture I’ve seen, but it wasn’t as horrible as everyone says. I’d give it 2.5+ out of 5 … Which is just under "Ok".

I’ve done quite a lot this weekend, started out on Thursday (always does, usually hang out at "Sommar Trädgårn&quot. Had a couple of beers, no biggie, nice evening with friends. On Friday a friend from Uddevalla came down, spend the evening with her and Jezper at a "beer-tent" in city (There is a big carnival in Gothenburg atm).

Saturday was dedicated to a good friend of mine, Nisse, which celebrated his 25th birthday. Soccer, beer, cake, beer and smashing fun in the sun. Went to a place called Sticky Finger later on, decent place, not the best in town though, it’s to hot, to many people and a dj which has a crush on music from the 60s. Not really what i call "a good night out", but i had fun anyway …

Oh, did some graphical updates on tommie.nu, hope someone enjoys it. And while we’re at selfpromotion, why don’t you take a listen to my new production, Blue Sky. Epic trance with a hard beat, drop me a mail if you like it… =)


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