Remember the “Polo, small but tough” commercial posted here a while ago? Well, it seems like Volkswagen went a bit over the top on this issue, or as Paul Buckett, a Volkswagen spokesman, comments,

We were horrified. This is not something we would consider using: it is in incredibly bad taste to depict suicide bombers.

It gives the impression we’ve condoned or supported it, and is potentially very damaging to Volkswagen. Our legal department is planning an action . . .’

First of all, i strongly disbelief that ANYONE would connect the VW brand with suicide bombers and absolutely not get the idea that the WV polo in some way are a preferred brand of a likes. Furthermore there’s been a quite extensive rumor mill regarding the makers of this “ad”, especially since it doesn’t appear to be a spoof put together by amateur filmmakers, as its production values (e.g., shot on 35mm film, probably at a cost in the tens of thousands of dollars).

The truth is that this ad is made by the Lee and Dan team, a British pair who have produced a number of other advertisements (including viral) known for their quirkiness.

So much for that mystery, I must say that’s it’s pretty impressive that Polo didn’t come up with this by them selfs, i mean – i took me less then 5 minutes to acquire the same info on the Internet. Oh well, let them continue fighting their monsters, but in the end – they’re the ones who gained on this.

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  1. Tommie,

    I am making a movie for my site and for my english project. May I use “Son of Liberty” in it? Please respond via email.


    Patrick Weber

  2. This commercial is most definately a fake. EIther that or very poor editing. They did get the bomb fire explosion to look right but the rocking of the car is terrible. IT is simply someone taking a lasso around it and rotating it. The shadow doesnt move at all even though the car does.

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