Some sad news, on of my parents dogs, Kurre, ran away on new year eve. Probably he saw a rabbit or something and chased it. And somehow he didn’t managed to find his was back home.

It’s been four days now and still no sign of him, except for tonight. My mother called me and said the someone had called the police regarding a sighting of a dog with Kurres description about 2 Swedish kilometers from the spot where he run away. This might mean that he’s still alive.

Me and my gf are going to my parents tomorrow to help out in the search for him, poor fella, all alone in the big forest. Ok, he’s a dog, but dog become a part of your family and you appreciate almost like they were your brother/sister. I hope that we’ll find him tomorrow, i really do …

Here he is, just after a dip together with me and my girlfriend.
Looking cool on the porch.

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  1. Hey dude -love the site!!!

    Its very sad about your dog – i Hope you find him man – i know how u can get attached to one.

    Good luck with that


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