Terroristerna (The Terrorists) is a documentary about the riots in Gothenburg from another perspective than the conventional, it elucidate the event from the activists perspective. A very well done political documentary with interviews from the people in jail as well as a chronological depict of the 3 days which made Gothenburg look like a war zone back in the summer of 2001.

Naturally is the documentary a bit slanted in the advantage of the activists, but i don’t see a problem with that. The complete press-coverage of the event is slanted in advantage of the police. Maybe not as controversial as i expected it to be, and i think that should have focused a bit more on the actually events that the political believes of the convicted.

Still, a great documentary which should be seen by everyone. Sadly that ain’t going to happen since one of the activists opposed spreading of this documentary. So the only chance to see this documentary is to see it at Hagabion in Gothenburg. No DVD, VHS or TV-Performance will be done, sadly.

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Interesting article regarding the whole incident, in Swedish only;

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  1. hmm… just de… fan va poliserna blev behandlade orättvist imo… dom borde mejjat ner ungarna me gummikulor lr nåt tycker ja… fan vikka drägg de finns egentligen… aja… ska nog itne se den iaf… lär juh bli alldeles för förbannad

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