The presidential race in America is indeed troubling. Instead of actually present the candidates political agenda they focus on defame the opponent to the furthest extent.
ewing trough all the Bush tv-ads on i found out that there is not a single ad that actually tell us what Bush wants, just what Kerry wants – or better put, the bad things that Kerry wants.

I can’t for a second understand why the American public don’t stand up against things like this, a election should be about what the different political parties wants, not to drag the opponent trough the mud. In Sweden we’ve still got a fairly decent system, sure, there are some mud-throwing, but we keep that in debates, we don’t base our complete campaigns on it.

Watched trough some commercials on John Kerrys site ( as well, and sure, he actually mention some of the his parties political idea, but the core message is "This is what Bush is doing wrong".


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