Napa update

So, i’m here, finally.

We got a great apartment with 3 rooms, which means that i have my own room, and that’s unique, for being Napa. The job is just amazing. We administrate napas largest internet cafe, it bascially means that i sit infront of a computer, chatting, playing game and when a customer arrives, i make sure that they get a computer and charge them in the end. And this i get paid todo, brilliant! …

The weather down here is really sweet. It’s hot as hell, but there are cold winds blowing in from the sea, so you’re cold and hot … at the same time, hum. Oh well, i actually went out clubbing in jeans and a shirt last night. Previous times i’ve been here is during high season, so wearing jeans felt kinda odd. But hey, it’s ‘cold’ during the night …

Ahhh well, time to go to the beach, no work until friday. Wohey!

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