Things you don’t really need to know about Cyprus.

  • The island has been abandoned by the inhabitants twice due to overpopulation of [poisonous] snakes.
  • The large amount of stray-cats it’s because they we’re imported to fight off snakes.
  • There is a big black snake that lives close by to people since we attract rats, whom are large as cats.
  • That big black snake is supposedly enable to spit stones at you.
  • If you walk trough fields of high grass you _will_ encounter snakes.
  • There are snakes down here whom has enough poison to kill a grown man within 20 minutes, if not treated immediately.
  • There are spiders large as a mans fist, of course are they hairy and poisonous.
  • The lizards on the other hand is harmless, but has a habit of entering apartments. Altho there are chameleons whom hide in trees and will attack humans.

… it really feels that i could get by without this information …


  1. And you want to move there?
    Well I guess the topless babes, the poolpartys, the cold beer in the sun and the airconditioned office can make the poisionus snakes seme rather cute =)

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