A full on melodic trancer with heavy inspiration from Mesh, Darren Tate and alike. This track concludes the impression that i got while working in Ayia Napa, Cyprus this summer.



  1. Respect, man! When I started downloading this track, I was rather thinking, that it’s gonna be nothing to be proud of, just amatour, home-made rubbish… But wait! I was really suprised, when I played it. This is really nice, indeed! Quite intresting begining grabs attention… And every next pattern increases this feeling. Yeah, and the main generator (starting @ the end of 2nd min) is very nice… All I can say: 8 mins of very good stuff! Greets from Poland! Waiting for new production…

  2. AWESOME! Overall very good effect, and awesome for some evening listening while doing coursework.

    What’s the next track going to be?

  3. I heard this on Di.Fm and scourged the internet to find the source. Thanks for providing us with your music, it’s really good. It has that momentum behind it that just carries you away, as good Trance should, while balancing it with harmonic beats that keep things interesting and energetic.

    Consider me a new fan. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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