tommie foldedSo, i turned 25 last Friday (2 September) and that called for some celebration. Problem was that i wasn’t allowed to plan anything because my friends obviously planned something – i had strict orders to be standing well-dressed in the center of Gothenburg at 16.00 sharp, not a second late.

We (Jezper had his birthday on one week earlier, so this was a co-venture) got there at 15.55 and found my girlfriend, my mother and my sister. They handed over some flowers and presents, then we went to a Chinese-restaurant to grab something to eat. After the dinner my gf said, “well then, it’s time” and got 2 pairs of napkins and sound-proof headphones our of her bag.

We put on the gear and was lead out into the street. A 10-15 minutes walk followed in complete darkness and silence, neither me nor jezper had any idea where we were going. After a while we were put into a car which drove us around for about 10 minutes and finally stopped. We got our of the car and was told to take the gear off, and there they were … 15 of our best friends, singing Happy birthday to us. They’ve managed to gathered childhood friends alongside with newfound friends and trough a carefully engineered planning kept this a secret from us both.

Soon we realized that we were at the harbor and on our way to enter a boat taking us to Norway. After this a night of mind blowing party with all of our friends on the seas of Kattegat followed longside with one hell of a hangover. It was all worth it … this was undoubtedly the best weekend of my life.

Short movie-clip of the events are available here:


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