Ever heard of Laconi.ca? If not, it’s time to look it up. Its a decentralized microblogging system, basically Twitter with one million different communities where the different community-members can follow each other. There is no need to actually sign up to site X if you which to follow person Y on site X. Which makes this system very interesting.

It’s built on the openmicroblogging.org protocol and it’s currently spreading like wildfire, wanna be ahead of the competition – make sure to build initial support on your blog for the openmicroblogging-protocol. While Laconi.ca is still in womb (version 0.6.0 recently released) it’s still worth checking out if you’re a enthusiast or developer. I for one are dedicated some of my spare-time to thrive the project forward.

So, will this end the reign of Twitter? Quite possibly, as history clearly shows that people tend to favor fragmented communities rather than massive communities.

I’d say Laconi.ca have a fair chance to actually rock the microblogging scene quite a bit.

References and links of interest:
http://tugg.nu (my own laconi.ca server running a Swedish twitter community/clone)

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