Since my recent upgrade to the Firefox 3.5 betas i found that some of my Add-ons wasn’t working properly. Significantly Selenium IDE which i frequently use for automated website tests. So a bit of hacking and a with good portion of magic i managed to patch the current 1.0.1 release into a compatible Firefox 3.5 version.

I probably goes without saying that this is a highly experimental release with no guarantees what so ever. But I’ve been running all my tests on it and it works fine. So i you can’t wait for the official release, use this one:


  1. Hi,

    this update sounds great..
    i have similar problem with the IDE and FF3.5.

    Is it possible that you provide me the source code of your modified IDE? As i need some special modifications in it for my web-app?

    greetz Ben

  2. Hi ben4ffm,

    I’ll do a patch later today, it wont take me long to do it. Which version are you using?

    Ps, blanked your email – no need to give it to bots 🙂


  3. true.. but this my bots-address.. so what ? ;-))

    what do u mean by version? i am using FF 3.5.2
    and version of selenium ide is your one..
    before i update FF i was using IDE 1.0 (maybe Beta 3)


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