Since it’s still a few months to go before Google roll out Buzz for its Apps users i decided to do a little Google Chrome Extension which enables Buzz for Google Apps users. It’s not a pretty solution but it works until Google gives us native access through Gmail.

First off, install the Buzzter Google Chrome Extension.

  • Open, logout from any gmail account.
  • Login using your Google Apps for Domain account ([email protected]).
  • Google will take you to a “Sign up for Gmail”-page. Close Gmail, DO NOT SIGN UP!

Buzzter should work now as you’ve got a valid gmail-cookie, but connected to a google apps for domains account. Also keep in mind that location-services works very very poorly using a browser (obviously).

You can also access Google Buzz via your Apps account using you mobile, just navigate to (and be sure to be logged in as your Apps account).

GMail users can follow me using this link (Need to be logged in to Gmail) and Apps Users can follow me by searching for “tommie podzemski” on Buzz.

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