Friday started with the departure of my girlfriend. She went up to her parents in Stockholm for a quick visit over the weekend. Poor girl, due to overbooked flights she had to take a plane that left Gothenburg airport at 07.10 in the morning. Jikes.

Anyhow, my weekend has been busy. It started out with some casual drinking and hanging around in the apartment. Nothing special really.
Woke up at 10.15 on Saturday morning. Got some clothes on and went to the gym. Worked out for about a hour. Showered and went back home for a bit more sleep. Woke up again at 4pm when a buddy arrived. Had some beers and played shit loads of Dead or alive 3 for Xbox, funny game indeed.
We left the apartment around 8 to meet to friends to have a dinner at a buffé-restaurant. Eat copious amounts of food, hey it was a buffé … , and felt a bit ‘sick’ afterwards. But no rest for the wicked. We preceded to a bar and stayed there until the break of dawn.

And today I’m feel, well, I’m not really hung over but I’m a bit tired. Can’t seem to find energy to do anything, but i guess that’s the prize you’ll have to pay.

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  1. We shure know how to party! But damn, why must the liquor be so frikkin expensive in this country? I belive I spent over 800 SEK on that night.. damn..
    Btw – how did you like my new friend "Ragnar"?
    Absolut Kurant, Roses lime & 7-Up?
    Ragnar is a sweet kid.. i must say..

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