Yepp, for the third time, a new diary. The old one actually went pretty well. I managed to keep my writing up for almost a year. Interesting (ehum… ) facts about my life, adventures and mishaps. And what happened, yeah, that old mf server crashed, really bad, so everything went down the drain. Backups? Naaah, real men don’t backup …

Comments are currently not working (as if someone actually goin’ to read this ).

Time to sleep, time is 01.18 and I’m going to the gym in the morning, better get some of that beauty sleep …


  1. ok tommie, denna dagboken var ganskaaaa trakig! det star ju INGET OM MIG! HUR kan du ha en dagbok utan all viktig info om vad som hander i MITT Liv ! mweh hehehe aja, hare bra, laste forresten att du lag i sangen pa NYE.. RATT AT DIG! HOHOHOHOOOO

    baj baj!

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